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How to write a Cover Letter to land a Job


You have finally short-listed the jobs that meet all your requirements. Everything is sorted out from A to Z – the resumes, certificates, experience letter and everything else are in place, except the cover letter.

“But, who looks at those letters these days anyways?”, you thought and chuckled.

The next day, You head towards the office and apply for the job role that you have wanted for a long time. They said that candidates who are short-listed will be called for an Interview.

It has, however, been over a week and you are still sitting on your couch waiting for them to drop you a message.

You start scrolling through Instagram to get your mind off the thing and that’s when your friend Sharon calls to tell you that she landed the Job that you both applied for. The world goes blank because this was your DREAM job and you missed it.

You congratulate her and hang up, wondering why you were not selected and it was then that your roommate asked whether you added a cover letter along with your resume. When you said no, he answered, well things make sense now.

This is a mistake that many fresh-out-of-college students make – Not adding a Cover Letter. Resume is not the real king, but a cover letter is.

Unlike Resumes, Cover Letters leave a lasting Impact on the recruiters. They make your application stand out of the crowd, give an Idea about your Personality, brief the recruiters on your skills and explain why you are the right fit for their Job.

This article explains in detail what a Cover Letter is, its Importance and how you write your smart cover letter to own the Job that you deserve. What is a Cover Letter and why does it leave a lasting Impact?

A cover letter is a one-page document that is submitted along with the Resume. It summarizes a candidate’s and the reason behind their application for a particular Job Role. It is important to note that the purpose of a cover letter is to complement the Resume. So, you cannot repeat whatever there is on your resume.

A good and meticulously written cover letter can land you your dream job because it immediately grabs the attention of recruiters eyes and creates a good Impression for you. Apart from this, the Cover letter gives you a chance to: Stand out from the Crowd

Cover Letter is like a sales copy. Once you manage to grab the attention of the crowd, half the race is won. It helps your prospective employers separate you from other applicants. Expresses your Interest in the Job

The selection team always looks forward to hiring someone who is genuinely interested to work with the company; who’s goals align with that of the Company and whose values align with that of the Company.

Cover letter focuses on your skills, and the values you bring to the table. This makes the recruitment process easier for the Company. Gives an Idea about your Personality

Your writing style in the Cover letter speaks volumes about your personality, which is not possible with merely a Resume. It helps them analyze whether you will fit the environment of their Company.

Steps to write a Smart Cover Letter

Step – 1: Pick the right Template

If the Company that you short-listed has an in-build box to add the cover letter, then picking the right template should not be a bother at all. However, If you are uploading the document to the portal or submitting it physically, you must choose the right template.

Choose a template that is aesthetic, well-formatted and aligns with the Job role you are seeking to apply for.

Step – 2: Don’t ignore your Header Section

The goal is to be as accessible to the recruiter as possible. This is why it is always suggested to mention all the necessary details (such as Name, Phone Number, Email ID, Date, etc.) in the header section itself. If you have a personal website or social media profiles (such as Linkedin or Medium) that would add value to your application, add them too. It is advised to avoid providing full address and an unprofessional Email ID.

Step 3: Focus on Reaching out to the Decision Maker (Hiring manager)

Nobody wants to be bugged by spam letters starting out as ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Respected Mam’. You want to show them that you have done your research for the Job Role.

If you don’t know the Name, use Linkedin to find out. Type out the job role of Hiring Manager + the Name of the company that you want to work with.

In case this doesn’t work, you can also go for the classics:

To whom it may concern

Dear Hiring Manager

Step 4: Write an attention-grabbing Introduction

Recruiters have to address hundreds of applications. So, they do not have the time to read each paragraph line by line. All that they do is skim through the letter. Focus on making your Introduction attention-grabbing that the hiring manager is compelled to read it till the very end.

Remember that the people in the hiring team are experienced (unless it’s a startup). They can smell the copied sentences and introductions from miles away. If you don’t have experience writing or don’t have the time to do so, hand the job to a Freelance Writer.

Step 5: Explain why you are fit for Hire

This is the part where you have to prove your skills and abilities through words.

Explain to the team about your previous experiences with companies. Share how you helped them reach their periodic goals. The more numbers you use to show them the growth, the more successful you will be at Impressing them.

The Cover Letter doesn’t just end here.

Research a little on the company value and express how your values align with that of the company. Genuinely appreciate the efforts that the company has been putting in creating their new products or point out what you like the most about their company.

Step 6: End with a warm paragraph and CTA

This part is the simplest of all because all that you have to do is wrap-up what you mentioned above. Thank the recruiter for taking time to read your cover letter and add a call-to-action (CTA) at the end.

Next, sign off formally with the classic – Yours Sincerely, Kind regards, etc.


Finishing off your Job Application without writing a cover letter is a huge risk because it can play a huge role in determining your chances of getting hired.

A Cover Letter is a one-page document that summarizes the experience, values and interest of an applicant. Unlike resumes, a cover letter makes your application stand out of the crowd, give an Idea about your Personality, brief the recruiters on your skills and explain why you are the right fit for their Job.

There are mainly 6 steps to write a smart cover letter. They are as follows:

  • Picking the right Template
  • Don’t ignore your Header Section
  • Address the cover letter to the decision maker
  • Write an attention-grabbing heading
  • Explain why you are fit for Hire
  • End with a warm paragraph and CTA

Using these 6 steps will help you surely raise your chances of getting hired from 60% to 90%. In case you don’t have the time to write a cover letter on your own, you can always choose to assign the task to an expert Freelance Writer.

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