Short-Term Postal Modernization Specialist

2 weeks ago
10+ years
Program/Project Management

Job Description

Chemonics seeks a short-term Postal Modernization Specialist to assist with the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) in developing its E-commerce Modernization and Integration plan in line with the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) guide. Through this technical assistance, PHLPost will have its e-commerce modernization and integration plan that can be used by the post office to comply with the tasks listed in the UPU’s plan as well as utilized for securing modernization funds from the national government. The PHLPost is the only government owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) engaged in the business in delivering mails and parcels in the Philippines. It needs to modernize before integrating with e-commerce platforms and enhancing its relevance to the digital economy. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has developed an E-commerce Modernization Guide for member post offices and has provided PHLPost with an operational readiness for e-commerce action plan. The plan consists of seven pillars, including supply chain integration and e-commerce integration. Each pillar has specific tasks that need to be completed by PHLPost in line with its modernization towards a meaningful role in e-commerce.


  • In coordination with the SPEED team, prepare a detailed outline and workplan for developing PHLPost’s E-commerce Modernization and Integration Plan.
  • Review existing PHLPost modernization plan and other similar documents.
  • Gather and consolidate data from PHLPost.
  • Conduct a situational analysis of PHLPost’s current e-commerce integration capacity and capabilities.
  • Conduct key informant interviews and consultations.
  • Develop PHLPost’s E-Commerce Modernization and Integration Plan.
  • Other tasks assigned by Component 3 Lead in relation to the crafting of the plan.
  • Present the plan to key stakeholders.


  • Advanced degree in public policy, economics, logistics, supply chain or other post-graduate degree with strong technical work experience is desirable.
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in logistics, supply chain, and systems modernization. Experience with national postal service modernization a plus.
  • Experience working with donor-funded projects is a plus; and
  • Experience working with multidisciplinary team of consultants.
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